Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Love From Australia

Love From Australia

Promoting Muslim And Christian Bashing as well as NSW Anti-discrimination Board are a slap in the face of Australian legal system.

Conspiracies, Anti_Muslim Conspiracies in Australia and Faruque Ahmed vs Radio Terrorists are further examples of deliberate actions and inactions of the government to promote and foster racism and sectarianism.

Australian Flag A 'gang Colour' message # 20 and 112, and Image Of Christ At Waverton Train Station message #39 may shed some light of desperation in our political system.

Free Australia Now, Free America Now, Who control America, We control America, Invasion of Iraq is an act of Terrorism, WOMAN BEATEN IN JERUSALEM BUS FOR REFUSING TO MOVE TO REAR SEAT, Former Us President Slams Israel, Israeli HOLOCAUST in Palestine, Anti-Semitism, Zionism Is Anti-Semitism and Stop Killing Christians are unable to wake up mankind.

Freedom of Speech, Flight ban for anti-Bush T-shirt, Jesus Loves Osama, and Disclaimer speak for themselves.

Hitler wanted to take over the world is not a bad one beside Australian Values and Muslims Are Now Getting The Same Treatment, Jews had a century ago!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ershad Manji are very lovely people too.

Violence Fractures Palestine Unity Talks is a slap in the face of world justice and politics.

Egyptian Terrorists, Iranian terrorists, Iraqi Terrorists and Lebanese Terrorists are consistent with the world politics lingo.

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Austro_Bangla said...

Who is this Melanie Brown ? How the hel she got married to Willie Brigitte within a few moment?
Why the hell Rupert Murdoch’s notrogenious waste outlets wrote millions of stories based on her inuandos only and they pictured her in many drmatic maner depicting Muslim women in a wost possible form .

To the best of my memory she used to be one of those ‘Dykes” marching at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gra with a David’s star at her naked bum. Do we need some investigation? Is she connected with Israeli Mossad by any chance?
Free America Now, Melbourne Indy Media,