Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Iranian Terrorists

Iranian Terrorists

A former nationalistically minded army officer was aided and abettedby so called democracy loving multi nationals to assume control ofIran so that they could satisfy their economic lust and greed. However when he dared to put the interests of his own people before the interests of the multinationals, they falsely promised to supporthis opposition who were western educated and influenced Iranian republicans. BUT those multi nationals kicked the ladder out from under those republicans and installed the last Shah of Iran just like his father before him.

They manipulated and milked him to the hilt and eventually discarded and abandoned him in favour of Ayatollah Khomeini. The upshot wasthe breakdown of the relationship between the Western countries and Iran. To this day Iran is viewed by the Western media as a pariah state, it's own civilian air line was shot down by the "leader of the democratic world", America, who at the time refused to assist innocent civilian victims. Some accounts even say Iranians could not go to rescue those innocent, civilian victims because the US Navy, inside Iranian waters would have shot them down as they had done before.

Muslim Village, Free America Now and Iranian Terrorists

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sharkhan said...

Short, laconic and accurate account! Narration of this nature will generate constructive debate rather than corporate propaganda regarding Iran.

Humorous disclosure of the Zionised conspiracy is wonderful.