Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Lebanese Terrorists

Lebanese Terrorists

The Paris of the Middle East, Beirut used to be the financial hub of the Petro-Sheikhs. Muslims, Christians and many other religious people lived there side by side for a long time. They are living together now and will continue to live together in the future. But, Beirut burned, Lebanon gotthe "terrorist nation tag", mighty American war ships bombed it relentlessly, pathetic American administration took side under the guiseof a peacemaker and lost many of her children which amounts to a betrayal of the American constitution and democratic principles.

Today, it is Israel's target practice range. But, why is it so?Is it because the European money market dealers (mainly Zionist) wanted to get the full control of the petro-dollar? And for that reason alone Poor Beirut has to be destabilised or destroyed in order to cripple the banking system and money market. Most importantly, vast numbers of Palestinians who became refugees due to the American and European complacency in order to solve that justified or unjustified European disease or- a widow dressing exercise there of; which was engineered and assisted by the Zionists, with the assistance of a part Jew, Hitler. What else! That pest of this universe, the Zionist Israel, which was conceived by terrorism by the convicted terrorists, systematically expelled indigenous Palestinians, who had no choice but to take temporary refuge in Lebanon- and some time caused headaches for that Zionist state. So, in order to secure that terrorist state called Israel, Lebanon has to be destabilised!

Accordingly, mighty, CIA, MI5, Mossad,Israel and world-wide Zionist forces frantically engineered disputes inside Lebanon and thus in this way Lebanon burned for twenty years.

Source: Lebanese Terrorists and Muslim village

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