Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mossad in Iraq

Last year I've attended Anthony Arnove lecture at the Sydney Uni. He has written a number of books about Iraq. During his speech Anthony exposed many ‘coalition of willing lies’. He also said;

1.70% attacks in Iraq are directed against the invaders,

2.20% attacks in Iraq are against local collaborators and

3.10% attacks in Iraq are sectarian in nature.

Although our local media news presentation regarding this issue is tainted and presents a different picture!

I continued from his 10% figure and asked him about the role of Mossad in Iraq under the patronage of USA and UK which was objected by the Syrian Foreign Ministry….. . He agreed with me and gave us a few examples where they caught USA and UK soldiers in Arab dress …. .

I also pressed him (due to the encouragement of professor friend who did not want to ask the question due to the fear of political reprisal from the authorities) the theory and motive behind supporting, organizing, assisting and financing sectarian and civil strife in Iraq by the coalition of the willing. Again he agreed with me and such a view was reconfirmed by a few more experts. Anthony’s view is consistent with the reality in Iraq.

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