Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Iranian Terrorists

Iranian Terrorists

A former nationalistically minded army officer was aided and abettedby so called democracy loving multi nationals to assume control ofIran so that they could satisfy their economic lust and greed. However when he dared to put the interests of his own people before the interests of the multinationals, they falsely promised to supporthis opposition who were western educated and influenced Iranian republicans. BUT those multi nationals kicked the ladder out from under those republicans and installed the last Shah of Iran just like his father before him.

They manipulated and milked him to the hilt and eventually discarded and abandoned him in favour of Ayatollah Khomeini. The upshot wasthe breakdown of the relationship between the Western countries and Iran. To this day Iran is viewed by the Western media as a pariah state, it's own civilian air line was shot down by the "leader of the democratic world", America, who at the time refused to assist innocent civilian victims. Some accounts even say Iranians could not go to rescue those innocent, civilian victims because the US Navy, inside Iranian waters would have shot them down as they had done before.

Muslim Village, Free America Now and Iranian Terrorists



According to many credible sources, including the Scottish Herald, the self-appointed leader of the Free World had plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with or without September 11, Saddam Husseinand his alleged weapons of mass destruction. It added to those plans a plan to control cyberspace (which fortunately at present is not manipulated and controlled like the mainstream "corporate" media) and to muzzle and control the Web. However, the new would-be messiahs of the modern day, the Ariel Sharons of the world, are producing mythical reports such as "Iran is supporting the Al-Quaeda" and "Libya is the quiet Arab country to watch and is developing nuclear weapons" and therefore it is okay to attack them.

In the midst of these criminal conspiracies and fertile imaginings a microscopic analysis is of paramount importance if truth is to survive.

Iraq-Iran War

Ten of the seventeen Arab countries had surpluses in the late 70s and such surpluses became a headache for the traditional financiers of the Western world as those countries were viewed as a new form of competition, which might cut market share! The traditional Arab leader, Egypt, was isolated for its "shotgun marriage" of the Camp David Accord with Israel and thus created a vacuum to be filled. The loss of the "golden goose", Iran, and its humiliation by the students of Iran, also made America desperate. The final `nailin the coffin' came when Zionist Israel declared Jerusalem its national capital backed up by the bootlicking Uncle Sam. This resulted in condemnation around the world.The CIA approached the various Saudi and Kuwaiti feudal lords and falsely warned them that their sheikdoms were getting shakier due to the rise of Islamist Khomeini and the so-called Socialist Saddam. Both of those states were rich, powerful and anti-monarchist. Therefore a conflict between these two was the only solution totheir own [Saudi/Kuwaiti] security!

They both took the bait offeredby the US and in turn advised Saddam to attack the post-revolutionary and weak Iran, which was vulnerable due to he "hostage crisis" and promised all kinds of assistance!Foolish Saddam went along, and realised the trap only when it was too late. He was angry, but conducted the CIA-orchestrated war withthe assistance of the USA, UK and UNO. Remember the increase in Saudi oil production designed to ensure stability in the market at that time and their blessings for the continuation of the war.

However, angry Saddam was conned yet again by the US Ambassador April Glasby, another Zionist, resulting in the Gulf Massacre and Iraqi HOLOCAUST continuum.

The prime source of the modern day Middle Eastern crisis, Israel,was created by convicted terrorists through many unlawful means including terrorism, ethnic cleansing, racism, facism etc. and has been in contempt of a plethora of UN resolutions, conducting genocide after genocide, war crime after war crime. Beside importing terrorism and suicide attacks to the Arab region, Israelhas been guilty of hijacking Yasser Arafat's plane from the International Sky, the occupation of Lebanon, the Sabra Shatilla Massacre, the World Square conspiracy, the attempted construction of a tunnel under the Dome of Rocks, the mass murder of kneeling worshipers inside the Al Aqsa Mosque (followed by Sharon's calculated visit to provoke clashes) and the sabotaging of Palestine's economy, commerce, agriculture, drinking water, electricity and environment (assisted by seizure, curfews and the daily murder of civilians).

Consider too the Zionist involvement in the oppression in Kashmir, the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olev Palme, the arrest of Abdullah Ochalan, the dirty hand behind the Lockerbie air disaster and Osama Bin Laden (for details see "Osama"in Bangladesh Bulletin Board's `Open Board'). These are just a few example of the history of Zionist prejudice and bigotry in our time.

Yet Israel possesses many biochemical and nuclear weapons without any inspection regime of any kind and threatens to use them at any time! These people were in the wilderness for a few thousands years and survived due to the kindness and compassion of Christians and Muslims. They engineered their own sufferings during the reign of Hitler, who was perhaps similar in his action to the 12th century English King Edward, as supported by the narratives of many famous writers, both past and present.

Firstly the Iraq-Iran War, then the Gulf Massacre by the former CIA man George Bush, then 11 years of Holocaust in Iraq. Now his son Shrub wants more! The prime question is: how many civilians died in these conflicts and what was the role of the USA and Zionists?

So let's demand a War Crimes Tribunal (NOT A WAR) in relation to Iraq. Let's explore all of the above issues instead of having another war. Most importantly, let's ask: who has enslaved the USA? Who was responsible for two "red alerts" and the endless promotionof hate?

Lebanese Terrorists

Lebanese Terrorists

The Paris of the Middle East, Beirut used to be the financial hub of the Petro-Sheikhs. Muslims, Christians and many other religious people lived there side by side for a long time. They are living together now and will continue to live together in the future. But, Beirut burned, Lebanon gotthe "terrorist nation tag", mighty American war ships bombed it relentlessly, pathetic American administration took side under the guiseof a peacemaker and lost many of her children which amounts to a betrayal of the American constitution and democratic principles.

Today, it is Israel's target practice range. But, why is it so?Is it because the European money market dealers (mainly Zionist) wanted to get the full control of the petro-dollar? And for that reason alone Poor Beirut has to be destabilised or destroyed in order to cripple the banking system and money market. Most importantly, vast numbers of Palestinians who became refugees due to the American and European complacency in order to solve that justified or unjustified European disease or- a widow dressing exercise there of; which was engineered and assisted by the Zionists, with the assistance of a part Jew, Hitler. What else! That pest of this universe, the Zionist Israel, which was conceived by terrorism by the convicted terrorists, systematically expelled indigenous Palestinians, who had no choice but to take temporary refuge in Lebanon- and some time caused headaches for that Zionist state. So, in order to secure that terrorist state called Israel, Lebanon has to be destabilised!

Accordingly, mighty, CIA, MI5, Mossad,Israel and world-wide Zionist forces frantically engineered disputes inside Lebanon and thus in this way Lebanon burned for twenty years.

Source: Lebanese Terrorists and Muslim village

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Egyptian Terrorists

Egyptian Terrorists
by mjik Friday, Sep. 22, 2006 at 5:38 AM

The Suez Canal construction was started before Jesus or Mohammed but the work was halted because of the fear that such a construction could inundate Egypt. However, despite the opposition of the "good ol" British, the construction was restarted under French supervision. Finally, the canal was complete. The British advised the good "king" of Egypt to have a party for the opening ceremony of it's new asset. The King said, "I got no money for a party." The British said, "I'll give you some" (they gave him "peanuts") and thus in a way they became part owner of the Suez Canal.

The land of the Nile, the Pyramids, … gave us Geometry the Lunar Calendar and the Solar Calendar, …. . Yet, many in the west believe Egyptians are nothing but camel riders! This is thanks to the relentless anti-Arab propaganda over the last half of a century.

Egypt was bombed by the supposedly "good Samaritans" who engaged in criminal, wrongful and dirty actions in Iran and elsewhere not dissimilar to what they are doing in the present invasion/massacre in Iraq at present.

The Suez Canal construction was started before Jesus or Mohammed but the work was halted because of the fear that such a construction could inundate Egypt. However, despite the opposition of the "good ol" British, the construction was restarted under French supervision. Finally, the canal was complete. The British advised the good "king" of Egypt to have a party for the opening ceremony of it's new asset. The King said, "I got no money for a party."

The British said, "I'll give you some" (they gave him "peanuts") and thus in a way they became part owner of the Suez Canal.

Beside many daylight robberies the Suez Canal used to be run by the "white men" and poor Egyptians had only two kind of jobs;
1. Polishing the "white mans" boots and
2. 2. Polishing the floor!

Even Tug Boat operators used to be white!! The Arab nationalist, the late Gamel Abdel Naser, was sick and tired of such racism, fascism and thuggery. Finally, he nationalised the canal under proper international law. Yet, for that offence, Egypt was bombed by British and Israeli terrorists back in the 50s. They made Naser into a so called "Hitler of the Nile" just like they made Dr. Mossaddeq of Iran into a similar character back in 1953.

For more info: Free America Now, Houston Indy Media and Muslim village,

Zionised JJ Marks

JJ Marks is a Supreme Court Judge. He has been practicing his trade in Sydney, Australia. Anyone who knows the trap may tell you he got his own distinct flavour! Usually, he makes the right noise. Yet, somehow he ends up in making a decision, which stinks badly. Surprise! Surprise!! Yet, they are legal. Perhaps, that’s why someone coined the phrase, “the court of law is a place to commit crime and the university is the best place to breed criminals”.

On the other hand, Mr. Faruque Ahmed is well known as an arse kicker! He and his mates have been kicking crook-bottoms and instrumental for many law reforms. Today, both Faruque and Marks faced each other!

In a secretive and very evasive manner, JJ Marks was about to shaft 20 000 taxi workers in his court today. During that proceeding, Mr. Ahmed stood up and attempted to make some legal arguments.

Marks got personal with Faruque. He said, “I find your T-shirt is very offensive Mr. Ahmed. Faruque replied, “could you please quote me the section and subsection of the law that makes my T-shirt offensive. Could you also provide us with reasons and grounds in support of your statement if you have any in the first place I might add”. Marks got agitated and said, “Mr. Ahmed, this is my court room and I can remove you at anytime if I want to”. Faruque hit back by saying, “such an action would be harsh, unjust, oppressive and in contravention with Case Law and Statute Law; as well as abuse and misuse of power vested on you”.

Marks said, “Mr. Ahmed I made my rulings and you have to be out”. Unmoved Faruque went on, “such a ruling would be highly improper, unfair and without any valid grounds whatsoever and therefore I descent from your rulings”. ‘His honour’ went on to call the security and sheriff etc but none of them touched Faruque. I am sure the drama will continue. So watch this space.

But, do you know about the T-shirt? It says, “Stop American Zionism and Terrorism”.

For more:
Bush Legitimises Terrorism

Islamophobia - Nasty Cousin of Anti-Semitism

American Terrorism and Brain Washing
Darwin, Jerusalem, Melbourne

Gladiatorial Game of Israel and United Zionist States of America

Gladiatorial Game of Israel and United Zionist States of America

In this difficult period Muslims must remain cool and follow the real principle of Islam i.e. peace. A peaceful and constructive approach is always win win for Islam. A short term anti-Muslim propaganda may be confusing or painful at some occasions. However, a scientific or logical autopsy of the propaganda may be useful to expose them and their masters.

The longest running concentration camp known to mankind with a stamp of infinity is located at the occupied Palestine. This slow motion and painful Israeli Holocaust in Palestine is a slap in the face of justice, humanity and world politics. This episode provides justification of Hitler’s holocaust.

These people got no job, food, water and other necessities of life. Yet, they are getting more than their shares of bullets in the kindy, bombs in the school, bulldozers at their living rooms. Now, they are getting London-Washington inspired and financed civil war. This must be worst than gladiatorial game of Rome.

The Illegal and immoral Invasion of Iraq was Wrong

Troop withdrawal: Slovak PM says Iraq war was wrong

February 4, 2007

Slovakia has pulled its troops out of Iraq, with Prime Minister Robert Fico branding the war there "unjust and wrong".

The withdrawal of 110 Slovak army engineers fulfilled one of the leftist Fico's top campaign promises in a June 2006 election in which he beat the centre-right administration of Mikulas Dzurinda.

By pulling out, Slovakia joins fellow European Union nations Spain and Italy that also withdrew troops from Iraq following a government change.

Slovakia supported the US-led military campaign in Iraq under Dzurinda, but Fico has long opposed Slovakia's presence there and his government agreed in October to withdrew its forces.

"The war in Iraq is unbelievably unjust and wrong," Fico told a news conference.

The Slovak soldiers are now in Kuwait and are preparing for a trip home, the Defence Ministry said.

"The entry of foreign armies into Iraq has caused huge tensions. To speak about any democracy in Iraq is a fantasy," Fico said.

"The security situation is catastrophic... and if somebody wants to say today that the situation there has improved, it would be a lie."


Mossad in Iraq

Last year I've attended Anthony Arnove lecture at the Sydney Uni. He has written a number of books about Iraq. During his speech Anthony exposed many ‘coalition of willing lies’. He also said;

1.70% attacks in Iraq are directed against the invaders,

2.20% attacks in Iraq are against local collaborators and

3.10% attacks in Iraq are sectarian in nature.

Although our local media news presentation regarding this issue is tainted and presents a different picture!

I continued from his 10% figure and asked him about the role of Mossad in Iraq under the patronage of USA and UK which was objected by the Syrian Foreign Ministry….. . He agreed with me and gave us a few examples where they caught USA and UK soldiers in Arab dress …. .

I also pressed him (due to the encouragement of professor friend who did not want to ask the question due to the fear of political reprisal from the authorities) the theory and motive behind supporting, organizing, assisting and financing sectarian and civil strife in Iraq by the coalition of the willing. Again he agreed with me and such a view was reconfirmed by a few more experts. Anthony’s view is consistent with the reality in Iraq.

My Israel Question

Australian journalist's new book takes heat for posing "My Israel Question"
Amal Awad, The Electronic Intifada, 27 September 2006

Sydney-based journalist and author Antony Loewenstein is used to controversy. On many occasions he has told of how his critical assessment of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a Jew has left him a pariah in family and social circles. This is unlikely to change anytime soon given that he spent the last couple of years penning the newly released My Israel Question, a self-critical consideration of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in a particularly Australian context.

Loewenstein comes from "a liberal Jewish family" with parents he describes as once having been "unthinking Zionists", who he later realised were simply uninformed because of their reliance on Jewish and mainstream press for their understanding of the conflict. Eventually, despite being deeply moved by his heritage, Loewenstein realised his own discomfort with "the default Jewish attitude towards Israel". His own revulsion at what happened to Jews in Auschwitz changed him, he says. "Seeing the results of blind hatred and unchallenged devotion slowly led me to be more questioning on a range of matters, including my heritage and the state of Israel."

This led Loewenstein to the realisation that "The morality... of Israeli actions was never questioned". Zionism portrayed Jews as blameless victims, yet Loewenstein was struggling with the disregard for Palestinians. Where was the platform for criticism of Israel? He could not unquestioningly support a Jewish state following his "self-education on the plight of the Palestinian people and the ongoing efforts of the Zionist enterprise to deprive them of a homeland".

So the essence of his assessment is simply this: "How could a democratic state maintain a brutal occupation over another people for nearly 40 years?"

Australian journalist Peter Manning said on Australian radio recently that "The Palestinian narrative barely gets oxygen in the Australian media." That his assessment could be easily applied globally is disheartening, but the truth of the statement is undeniable. This is a driving element in Loewenstein's discussion.

The unbalanced media coverage of the recent Israeli attacks in Gaza and Lebanon in particular certainly supports this. There is little genuine and fair debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As Loewenstein wrote in Znet in September, following release of his book, debate is "invariably overly emotive, factually challenged, partisan and counter-productive".

Early in his book, Loewenstein acknowledges Israel as a state and its right to existence. However, he is concerned with Zionism and its part in the never-ending conflict. Loewenstein is not explicit as to whether having an Israeli state can be divorced from Zionism, and this is a major flaw in his analysis. However, his sentiment is clear: "There must be a way for Israel to exist securely while allowing justice for the Palestinian people".

In general, Loewenstein's treatise is not flawless. There is certainly scope for deeper discussion and analysis. But in his fluid style, he covers a fair amount of subject matter, dedicating pages and pages to the news media and pro-Israel lobby, highlighting what he views as controlling political Zionism and the resulting accusation that criticism of Israel is equivalent to anti-Semitism. Loewenstein offers compelling analysis and evidence as to why the Palestinians are consistently being overlooked in this conflict - from Sunday school teachings in which "inconvenient facts were whitewashed", the inability to separate opposition to Zionism from anti-Semitism in the general discussion, as well as the power of the pro-Israel lobby within the media.

He covers US politics, but dissects the Australian discourse as well, beginning with a highly detailed report on the Sydney Peace Prize awarded to Hanan Ashrawi in 2003, an accolade that was marred by uproar and objections particularly from the pro-Israel lobby.

Such chapters are the high points in the book, as Loewenstein has exposed tactics used by the Australian pro-Israel lobby. This is particularly significant as these are points on which the media have taken notice and will continue to do so.

He argues that the Jewish lobby is responsible for the media's inability to allow the Palestinians a voice, and consequently the media itself plays its own significant role in the conflict and avoids the issue in general. Loewenstein considers the presence of foreign journalists within Israel and the lack in West Bank, citing Haaretz's Amira Hass who lives in Ramallah as an exception.

A 2004 report from Reporters without Borders cited harassment of journalists by Palestinian militants as a reason why journalists avoid the West Bank and Gaza, yet the low ranking in terms of press freedom is accountable to 'acts of violence against the press by the Israeli army' not Palestinians. Some may argue that Palestinians are in part culpable for their lack of power in the media, but arguably, Israel is more adept in the media arena, strategic in its approach even at military level.

This is an important book, and it comes at a crucial time. With the spectre of Lebanon's destruction faded from mainstream media, it's easy to forget that there are many still living and breathing the conflict and its effects. Israelis and Palestinians both understand this well, and Loewenstein does not pretend that there isn't suffering among the Israelis.

Rather, he critically considers the issue in order to understand himself how the Israelis' right to live in peace and security exists at the expense of Palestinians, people whose voice is barely heard outside of independent media. He declares his intention to show the Palestinian side of the occupation, demonstrating the need to escape from Zionist perspectives that shed no light on the injustices Palestinians are consistently subjected to. And this much is clear throughout. He has, since the publication of his book, pointed out that he was unable to offer divergent views from Jewish leaders because they refused to participate.

Yet perhaps a misstep on Loewenstein's part is that, for all his intentions to breathe life into the Palestinian narrative, he does not acknowledge the work of Palestinian and Arab activists in Australia. In fact, what is truly missing from this book is a true Palestinian 'voice'. The general sentiment of activists in Australia is certainly that his book is weaker for it. Indeed, it is a missed opportunity.

Critics have been thus far quite scathing, primarily attacking the legitimacy of Loewenstein's claims, and arguing a lack of balance in his evaluation of the conflict. It has even been called simplistic as well as superficial in its take on the situation. However, it is Loewenstein's lean towards the Palestinian narrative that seems to offend the most and to many reduces the book to having little, if any, worth.

This is far from true. Whether there are minor errors in Loewenstein's extensive research, and certainly there is room for deeper exploration, the analysis itself is effectively and passionately presented. And this is what it seems to be - minor errors that do not undermine the legitimacy of Loewenstein's book. For example, much has been made of him sharing the contents of private conversations he had with family members, the Greens, who he stayed with when he went to Israel to research his book, yet only two pages are dedicated to them.

That the criticism has overshadowed any thoughtful analysis of the content and message of the book is instructive: commentators indeed struggle to be heard when presenting views other than the dominant Israeli apologist side of the conflict, views that seek to humanise Palestinians.

The reaction essentially illustrates Loewenstein's own argument that reasonable debate is impossible. Indeed, it seems that any assessment that closely examines the effects on Palestinians is immediately going to be discounted as a credible source of information as very few have considered the importance of this kind of narrative. He is given little or no credit for his stance.

Perhaps Loewenstein's consideration is remarkable enough for the fact that he is Jewish and consequently fighting the conflict on a deeply personal level. He could certainly dig deeper, and his approach shows a desire to learn more. Still, his thoughtful analysis makes the book readable and affecting. This is a candid study of a conflict that only grows more heated as time passes.

My Israel Question is essential reading that will provoke thought and most importantly, investigation. Hopefully, readers unused to measured consideration will look deeper into the raging conflict because, as Lowenstein writes, "It's time for a radical rethinking of the conflict".

Amal Awad is an editor based in Sydney, Australia and an editorial assistant for The Electronic Intifada.


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With a crippled government, and constantly under siege, average Palestinians find themselves in a veritable pressure cooker, squeezed between the pressures of Israel, the international community, and now the largest two Palestinian political parties, Fateh and Hamas.

EI EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Israeli document gives frightening glimpse of apartheid
Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 25 January 2007

Love From Australia

Love From Australia

Promoting Muslim And Christian Bashing as well as NSW Anti-discrimination Board are a slap in the face of Australian legal system.

Conspiracies, Anti_Muslim Conspiracies in Australia and Faruque Ahmed vs Radio Terrorists are further examples of deliberate actions and inactions of the government to promote and foster racism and sectarianism.

Australian Flag A 'gang Colour' message # 20 and 112, and Image Of Christ At Waverton Train Station message #39 may shed some light of desperation in our political system.

Free Australia Now, Free America Now, Who control America, We control America, Invasion of Iraq is an act of Terrorism, WOMAN BEATEN IN JERUSALEM BUS FOR REFUSING TO MOVE TO REAR SEAT, Former Us President Slams Israel, Israeli HOLOCAUST in Palestine, Anti-Semitism, Zionism Is Anti-Semitism and Stop Killing Christians are unable to wake up mankind.

Freedom of Speech, Flight ban for anti-Bush T-shirt, Jesus Loves Osama, and Disclaimer speak for themselves.

Hitler wanted to take over the world is not a bad one beside Australian Values and Muslims Are Now Getting The Same Treatment, Jews had a century ago!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ershad Manji are very lovely people too.

Violence Fractures Palestine Unity Talks is a slap in the face of world justice and politics.

Egyptian Terrorists, Iranian terrorists, Iraqi Terrorists and Lebanese Terrorists are consistent with the world politics lingo.