Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Zionised JJ Marks

JJ Marks is a Supreme Court Judge. He has been practicing his trade in Sydney, Australia. Anyone who knows the trap may tell you he got his own distinct flavour! Usually, he makes the right noise. Yet, somehow he ends up in making a decision, which stinks badly. Surprise! Surprise!! Yet, they are legal. Perhaps, that’s why someone coined the phrase, “the court of law is a place to commit crime and the university is the best place to breed criminals”.

On the other hand, Mr. Faruque Ahmed is well known as an arse kicker! He and his mates have been kicking crook-bottoms and instrumental for many law reforms. Today, both Faruque and Marks faced each other!

In a secretive and very evasive manner, JJ Marks was about to shaft 20 000 taxi workers in his court today. During that proceeding, Mr. Ahmed stood up and attempted to make some legal arguments.

Marks got personal with Faruque. He said, “I find your T-shirt is very offensive Mr. Ahmed. Faruque replied, “could you please quote me the section and subsection of the law that makes my T-shirt offensive. Could you also provide us with reasons and grounds in support of your statement if you have any in the first place I might add”. Marks got agitated and said, “Mr. Ahmed, this is my court room and I can remove you at anytime if I want to”. Faruque hit back by saying, “such an action would be harsh, unjust, oppressive and in contravention with Case Law and Statute Law; as well as abuse and misuse of power vested on you”.

Marks said, “Mr. Ahmed I made my rulings and you have to be out”. Unmoved Faruque went on, “such a ruling would be highly improper, unfair and without any valid grounds whatsoever and therefore I descent from your rulings”. ‘His honour’ went on to call the security and sheriff etc but none of them touched Faruque. I am sure the drama will continue. So watch this space.

But, do you know about the T-shirt? It says, “Stop American Zionism and Terrorism”.

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