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According to many credible sources, including the Scottish Herald, the self-appointed leader of the Free World had plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with or without September 11, Saddam Husseinand his alleged weapons of mass destruction. It added to those plans a plan to control cyberspace (which fortunately at present is not manipulated and controlled like the mainstream "corporate" media) and to muzzle and control the Web. However, the new would-be messiahs of the modern day, the Ariel Sharons of the world, are producing mythical reports such as "Iran is supporting the Al-Quaeda" and "Libya is the quiet Arab country to watch and is developing nuclear weapons" and therefore it is okay to attack them.

In the midst of these criminal conspiracies and fertile imaginings a microscopic analysis is of paramount importance if truth is to survive.

Iraq-Iran War

Ten of the seventeen Arab countries had surpluses in the late 70s and such surpluses became a headache for the traditional financiers of the Western world as those countries were viewed as a new form of competition, which might cut market share! The traditional Arab leader, Egypt, was isolated for its "shotgun marriage" of the Camp David Accord with Israel and thus created a vacuum to be filled. The loss of the "golden goose", Iran, and its humiliation by the students of Iran, also made America desperate. The final `nailin the coffin' came when Zionist Israel declared Jerusalem its national capital backed up by the bootlicking Uncle Sam. This resulted in condemnation around the world.The CIA approached the various Saudi and Kuwaiti feudal lords and falsely warned them that their sheikdoms were getting shakier due to the rise of Islamist Khomeini and the so-called Socialist Saddam. Both of those states were rich, powerful and anti-monarchist. Therefore a conflict between these two was the only solution totheir own [Saudi/Kuwaiti] security!

They both took the bait offeredby the US and in turn advised Saddam to attack the post-revolutionary and weak Iran, which was vulnerable due to he "hostage crisis" and promised all kinds of assistance!Foolish Saddam went along, and realised the trap only when it was too late. He was angry, but conducted the CIA-orchestrated war withthe assistance of the USA, UK and UNO. Remember the increase in Saudi oil production designed to ensure stability in the market at that time and their blessings for the continuation of the war.

However, angry Saddam was conned yet again by the US Ambassador April Glasby, another Zionist, resulting in the Gulf Massacre and Iraqi HOLOCAUST continuum.

The prime source of the modern day Middle Eastern crisis, Israel,was created by convicted terrorists through many unlawful means including terrorism, ethnic cleansing, racism, facism etc. and has been in contempt of a plethora of UN resolutions, conducting genocide after genocide, war crime after war crime. Beside importing terrorism and suicide attacks to the Arab region, Israelhas been guilty of hijacking Yasser Arafat's plane from the International Sky, the occupation of Lebanon, the Sabra Shatilla Massacre, the World Square conspiracy, the attempted construction of a tunnel under the Dome of Rocks, the mass murder of kneeling worshipers inside the Al Aqsa Mosque (followed by Sharon's calculated visit to provoke clashes) and the sabotaging of Palestine's economy, commerce, agriculture, drinking water, electricity and environment (assisted by seizure, curfews and the daily murder of civilians).

Consider too the Zionist involvement in the oppression in Kashmir, the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olev Palme, the arrest of Abdullah Ochalan, the dirty hand behind the Lockerbie air disaster and Osama Bin Laden (for details see "Osama"in Bangladesh Bulletin Board's `Open Board'). These are just a few example of the history of Zionist prejudice and bigotry in our time.

Yet Israel possesses many biochemical and nuclear weapons without any inspection regime of any kind and threatens to use them at any time! These people were in the wilderness for a few thousands years and survived due to the kindness and compassion of Christians and Muslims. They engineered their own sufferings during the reign of Hitler, who was perhaps similar in his action to the 12th century English King Edward, as supported by the narratives of many famous writers, both past and present.

Firstly the Iraq-Iran War, then the Gulf Massacre by the former CIA man George Bush, then 11 years of Holocaust in Iraq. Now his son Shrub wants more! The prime question is: how many civilians died in these conflicts and what was the role of the USA and Zionists?

So let's demand a War Crimes Tribunal (NOT A WAR) in relation to Iraq. Let's explore all of the above issues instead of having another war. Most importantly, let's ask: who has enslaved the USA? Who was responsible for two "red alerts" and the endless promotionof hate?


UnionFaruque said...

Bremer quizzed over cash for Iraq
Four years after the invasion, Iraq remains poor and chaotic.

The former head of the US-led civilian administration in Iraq has defended his decision to send billions of dollars in cash to Baghdad in 2003 and 2004. Paul Bremer told a Congressional committee investigating allegations of waste and fraud that he had done his best to kick-start Iraq's economy. The funds came from Iraqi oil revenue and previously frozen assets. Much of the money went missing and critics say there was no system to track how it was used. "Who in their right mind would send 360 tons of cash into a war zone? But that is exactly what our government did," Henry Waxman, the Democratic chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said during Tuesday's hearing.

As often in Iraq the ideal collided with the harsh realities on the ground Paul Bremer
He added that there was no way of knowing whether the cash - totalling $9bn and flown in pallets from the US - would end up in enemy hands. Mr Bremer, who headed the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) before sovereignty was transferred to Iraq in June 2004, responded that he was trying to make the best of a bad situation. He acknowledged that, ideally, modern financial systems for control of the Iraq funds should have been set up. "But as often in Iraq the ideal collided with the harsh realities on the ground," he said. He said the CPA chose not to delay paying salaries and pensions, as this would have been "demoralising and unfair" to millions of Iraqi families. During the hearing, Mr Bremer said it was "difficult to give a full picture of the desperate situation in Iraq in May 2003". The country, he told the panel, "was in chaos, socially, politically and economically". The Democrats, who took control both houses of the US Congress last month, are overwhelmingly critical of the Bush administration's decision to go to war. Congress is considering moves to block the president's plan to send 21,500 extra troops to Iraq. E-mail this to a friend Printable version


sharkhan said...

Short, laconic and accurate account! Narration of this nature will generate constructive debate rather than corporate propaganda regarding Iraq.

mamubhi said...

Poor Iraqis!