Friday, October 16, 2009

Strange Friends and Foes

Please do not ignore the
Fascism in Sydney Indy Media, Nazi Zionst "5" and Nazi Zionist Fascism perfectly evidenced and supported by SHAM UN RESOLUTION GUARANTEES NO END TO ISRAEL'S WAR OF ILLEGAL AGGRESSION and reality like the Israel Palestine conflict is not a religious one beside Muslims used to protect Jews! Stacy and Greg’s fascism in the Sydney Indy Media is a sad state of affairs! The religion and terrorism, peacemaker Zilzal and The Liquid Bombing Plot of London deserve serious analysis. The child killer Israelis does not understand the language of peace and Hugo Chavez shows the way to fight against Israeli terrorists. Recent Israeli terror at Gaza and Lebanon, cyber terrorism of zionazis and Semite killer Israelis make us sick. THE AMERICAN KNESSET

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